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CBI+Team offers a free consultation to determine if a partnership will benefit you in the sale or purchase of a business. All information is strictly confidential and there is no obligation to enlist services of CBI+Team.

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Confidential Business Intermediaries/CBI+Team is an independent business brokerage based on principles of integrity and fair deals.

The concept of Confidential Business Intermediaries was realized in 1992 when Carl Grimes handled two business sales as a closing agent with a title company. Grimes’ experience showed him that although business brokerage could be lucrative, it was a fragmented business with an unsavory reputation. Grimes saw first hand how sellers and buyers could be manipulated in the process of a business sale, particularly by a broker who was most interested in collecting a commission. Grimes knew there was a better way to do business that would benefit all parties involved.

Grimes began his journey two years later and developed a path to establishing his own brokerage – Confidential Business Intermediaries (dba. CBI+Team).

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