John Green

John Green


Cell: (479) 236-9759

Office: (479) 770-8989


Before joining the CBI team, John enjoyed a 30+ year career in the finance industry.  Starting from the ground up, he has experienced and successfully managed at all levels of the industry, from customer service and collections, lending and regulatory compliance, to analytics and business analysis.

As Vice President of Risk & Decision Management, John successfully managed over $1,000,000,000 in credit card lending, and developed successful custom predictive decision models in the process.  While most of their competition folded during “The Great Recession,” John led a team that successfully navigated those times to a prosperous outcome.  As a lender he has handled transactions ranging from consumer loans in the hundreds of dollars, to commercial loans in the millions.

Born and raised in Fullerton, California, John is proud to call Arkansas “home”. He has lived in Fayetteville and been calling on those “Hogs” since 1993. In June 1985, John married his lovely bride, Lesley.  The Green family relocated to Arkansas in search of a better place to raise their children, which they found here in Northwest Arkansas.  John and Lesley have three sons, two grown, and their youngest is attending school at John Brown University.  John and Lesley are very involved in serving their Grace Church of NWA community, and have a separate ministry serving the Gypsy community in the Ukraine.