Our Process

How Much Can I Sell For?How much can I sell my business for?

Considering the sale of a business the first question most business owners want answered is, “What is the value of my business? For how much can I sell it?” Although that is an important question, it’s not THE most important question. The MOST important question is, “If I sell my business, how much will I get to keep for me and my family?

Sales price and deal structure have a huge impact on every business sale. The CBI+Team believes that no business will sell if the reasonable expectations of the Business Owner aren’t met. The CBI+Team has a track record of success in helping business owners choose the right time and right deal structure for the sale of a business.


Because CBI+Team is focused on helping the business owner make the right decision at the right time, not just collecting a commission for the brokers from the sale of the business.

The CBI+Team steps for planning the successful sale of any business are:

  • Gather the appropriate information needed to help establish the value of a business. Your CBI+Team Intermediary will provide the business owner with a list of the information required.
  • Interview with a CBI+Team member-once the information about the business is gathered, an interview is conducted with the business owner to determine the trends and health of the business
  • If appropriate, The CBI Intermediary may recommend that an independent, third-party business appraisal be obtained from a certified business appraisal firm.
  • The CBI+Team will help the business owner prepare the packet for submission to the appraisal firm.
  • Once the appraisal comes back (usually about two-three weeks after submission of the package) the CBI Intermediary will meet with the business owner to discuss the value of the business and a proposed deal structure to maximize the Business Owner’s net from the sale of the business.
  • Once the Business Owner has determined that the sales price and deal structure meet expectations and requirements, the CBI Intermediary will prepare a listing agreement for the sale of the business.
  • The business is confidentially marketed to local, regional, national and international buyers through the exclusive CBI+Team confidential marketing plan which is reviewed with the Business Owner.

The CBI+Team’s track record of sales for Business Owner’s following this system is over 80%, far exceeding the industry average.