Types of Loans

Business Acquisitions-

Want to buy a business but can’t find a bank to work with you?

Don’t feel alone, most banks don’t want to make business acquisition loans. has 75 banks across the nation and one or more of them are making business acquisition loans right now.

If you only go to one or two banks to try and get a loan to buy a business your chances are not very good.

Let shop your business acquisition to a pre-selected group of lenders who have asked to be part of our exclusive network.

In addition, is owned by one of the nation’s leading business brokerage firms and they understand deals and how to help you put the best deal in front of the banks.

No risk to you. If you don’t get a loan you don’t pay anything!

Business Refinancing-

Need money to grow your business but your local bank isn’t making loans now? will work with your local lender AND 75 other banks to help you get the money you need to grow your business.

We also have lenders who do accounts receivable factoring.

We have credit card lenders who will loan money to help you meet short term cash flow needs.

Business Start-Ups-

Have a great idea for a business or if you have a business that needs capital to “get to the next level,”? can help.

We have sources for Micro-Loans to provide start up capital.

We have “angel” investors, private equity  and investment capital groups who want to look at your business idea.

They are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before being allowed to examine your business.