Resources for Buyers

Buy an Existing Business Lowers Risk

CBI+Team has a special interest in helping buyers access current businesses for sale and supplying valuable resources for the process of acquiring a business. As preferred Arkansas Business Brokers, CBI understands that a well-informed buyer facilitates the sale of the business and benefits both parties.

There are numerous reasons to acquire a business already in operation or to buy a franchise, including the ability to immediately generate cash flow and capitalize on the credibility of an established business.

When buying an existing business, there is typically a much lower risk of failure. Buyers have access to a history of business concepts and processes, including products, services, marketing strategies and staff that is already trained. A business with several years of operation also transfers with an established customer base that accompanies referrals and references.

Some sellers are also able to lend management support or may assist with financing. It is also easier to secure affordable financing to complete the acquisition.


CBI facilitates people Selling and Buying businesses for a secure financial future

Confidential Business Intermediaries has developed specialized buyer programs designed to target specific businesses for purchase, and to provide financing for a business purchase.

Visit our Buyer’s Site for current listing of businesses for sale in Arkansas and surrounding areas visit

TAP- Target Acquisition Program

Because the business you want isn’t for sale. Using the TAP program the CBI+Team with identify the perfect business for you, and approach them on your behalf. Click on the banner for more information.

L4B- Loans For Business

When lenders compete, buyers win. The Loans For Business program is based on the Lending Tree model. The CBI+Team will approach our pool of lenders to find you the most capital and the best rates for your business loan. Click on the banner for more information.