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Sold! Teacher’s Pet






Teacher’s Pet Preschool has new ownership according to Connor Grimes, Managing Partner of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas ( Business owners Suzanne and Jim Pate, Jennie and John Harrison and Jan Stafford sold the business to Angela and Mark Todd of Little Rock. Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary with the CBI Central Arkansas office was listing selling intermediary for the transaction according to Grimes.

Teacher’s Pet was established in 1985 as a preschool designed to meet the needs of the children of teachers in North Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

New owners Mark and Angela plan to maintain the standards and staff of Teacher’s Pet and continue the excellent service and care established by the founders.

CBI Central Arkansas is part of Confidential Business Intermediaris, the largest business brokerage company serving both Main Stree and lower Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions from three Arkansas offices, Little Rock, Springdale and Fort Smith.

Teacher’s Pet is the second preschool sold by Mr. Campbell in the last few months and he has compiled a large database of buyers through the process. He is also familiar with licensing and can assist in finding loans for new buyers throught the unique and proprietary program offered by CBI.

For more information contact CBI @ or call 877-582-5200.


The transaction was brokered by Connor Grimes and Shep Campbell from CBI of Central Arkansas, part of The CBI Team – Arkansas’ largest and most successful Business Brokerage Firm. Teachers’ Pet was started in 1985 as a preschool designed for the children of Teachers in North Little Rock and Central Arkansas. Since, the business has anchored itself as a pillar of the community and one of the finest facilities in all of Central Arkansas. In January of 2016, the Owners of Teachers’ Pet engaged Sr. Intermediary Shep Campbell with CBI of Central Arkansas to help confidentially sell the business.  Using CBI’s processes and procedures, Campbell identified a buyer, confidentially worked with that buyer to disclose the business, and by the end of May had the business under contract with the buyers, Mark and Angela Todd. Mark and Angela worked with CBI to negotiate an acceptable offer, find financing acceptable to the buyer, and help build the relationship between Seller and Buyer to ensure a smooth transaction, and to see Teachers’ Pet into the next generation of ownership.

Teachers’ Pet Preschool was the second preschool in 16 months that CBI of Central Arkansas confidentially listed, marketed and successfully sold. The CBI Team has successfully sold hundreds of businesses since 1994. Teachers’ Pet Preschool is the latest example of why people choose The CBI Team to help them confidentially sell businesses!

SOLD! Henry Title in Nashville, AR Transfers Ownership to Hempstead County Title

Henry Title

Henry Abstract and Title in Nashville, Arkansas recently transferred ownership from Jim and Dede Guffy to Cathy Loe, PatriciHempstead Titlea Harris and Judge Randy Wright of Hope, Arkansas, owners of Hempstead County Title.

The business was sold thanks to the efforts of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI Central Arkansas Team Managing Partner Connor Grimes and Senior Intermediary Shep Campbell. CBI Founder, Carl Grimes, started The CBI Team business brokerage firm after he sold Greer Abstract & Title in 1994, thus The CBI Team is experienced in helping sellers and buyers of title companies.

Campbell reached out to Jim Guffy through a cold call in to see if he had any interest in selling his title company. Jim responded he did, set a meeting with CBI of Central Arkansas and drove to Little Rock to meet with Shep. Following the meeting, CBI of Central Arkansas was engaged by Jim and Dede to confidentially sell Henry Title. Henry Abstract and Title specializes in real estate closings and has been operating in Nashville since the 1940s.  Using the CBI database with thousands of registered buyers, coupled with aggressive local confidential marketing through direct mail and dialing, several buyers were engaged with two offers being presented. However, the third time was the charm as the perfect buyer for Henry Title was found in nearby Hope, Arkansas.  Campbell, along with Grimes, helped negotiate and structure the deal for Jim and Dede and in the end was able to successfully reach an agreement between the Guffys and the owners of Hempstead County Title. Henry Abstract and Title officially changed ownership on Friday, July 8th, 2016.

The CBI Team has successfully sold many title companies, as well as hundreds of other businesses over the last 22 years. If you’re interested in getting more information about how to sell your business or find a business to buy, contact us today at or call (877) 582-5200.

CBI Team Welcomes New Owner/Managing Partner of Fort Smith Office: Mark Kincannon

Kincannon and Grimes closing

Mark Kincannon has become the third Confidential Business Intermediaries/CBI TEAM office owner, joining Connor Grimes in Central Arkansas, and Carl Grimes in Northwest Arkansas as Managing Partner/office owners. Mark will focus on business sales in Fort Smith and the River Valley. Mark joined the CBI Team as an associate intermediary with the goal of owning his own business which he has now accomplished.

Kincannon has spent most of his adult life coaching baseball at various levels.  His first coaching job came as he was working on his graduate degree in Louisville.  He was an assistant coach at The Christian Academy of Louisville.  Coaching is what brought Kincannon back to Fort Smith, as he became the head baseball coach at Fort Smith Christian School.   During his three years coaching and teaching at Fort Smith Christian he became the school’s Athletic Director.  Kincannon went on to win a state championship as a head coach in Fort Smith’s American Legion baseball program where he coached for six years.  He spent two years as an assistant coach at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.  He currently is a volunteer assistant coach at Greenwood High School.

Following his time at Fort Smith Christian, Kincannon accepted the position of Groups Pastor at Community Bible Church in Fort Smith.  During his nine years as a pastor at Community Bible Church he served in various capacities.  He was point leader as the church launched their Van Buren and Greenwood Campuses.  He also served as the church’s Executive Pastor.  He continues to serve at Community as a volunteer.

Kincannon felt led to move out of vocational church ministry and into the business world where helped develop the Fort Smith and River Valley territory for an automotive fluid manufacturing and distribution company.

The buying or selling of a business can be one of the biggest moments of a person’s life, and Mark now has firsthand experience. He will use that experience along with his excellent leadership, trustworthiness, and communication skills to provide the highest quality service to the business owners in Fort Smith-River Valley.

New owner/managing partner Mark Kincannon had this to day about this new chapter in his life, “”The Fort Smith River Valley is a great place to live, work, and do business.  Being born here and now raising my family here, this is the place I call home.  I look forward to helping the community continue to grow and make strides in the right direction.  The Grimes family and the great team at CBI has developed a great process for helping businesses transfer ownership, and it has been proven out in the 20 plus years of serving Arkansas business owners.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to partner with the CBI Team and continue to serve the Fort Smith River Valley region.”

CBI Chairman Carl Grimes said this, “Mark’s honesty, integrity and hard work combined with the unique, proprietary CBI system for selling businesses provides all western Arkansas business owners with local, personal, brick and mortar office support from a trained intermediary supported by a team of experienced professionals. All business sales are best handled by someone who can meet personally with sellers and buyers. Mark is doing that and we look forward to a great future with him and his team.”


A Dirty Word

By Leland Eidson, Marketing Specialist
Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI+Team

Telemarketing may be a dirty word, but in the right hands it can be a powerful tool for change. As a business owner you are the only person truly qualified to take my phone calls. I may not be pushy or a storyteller, but I’ve got a question that you really should hear. At CBI we respect you, your schedule, and your business.

If a five minute phone call could change your life for the better, wouldn’t you want to take it? So next time your business gets a phone call from Leland with the CBI+Team, if you can spare the time why not take the call?

Making a living on the phone isn’t easy, but it’s certainly an adventure. Most people don’t much care for telemarketing; trust me I’ve heard all about it. Business owners in particular are notorious for throwing up walls and roadblocks just to avoid a simple phone call. I don’t have exact figures, but experience tells me roughly 80% of people answering business lines, let’s call them gatekeepers, have some form of “no telemarketers” mandate. Really, I don’t blame them, after all there’s work to be done and telemarketers are always a waste of time, right?

A dedicated gatekeeper provides a level of security that the folks over at Fort Knox would have to envy. It’s nearly impossible to get through, unless you’re already a well-known caller. A less reputable telemarketer than me might just make up a little story to get past those walls, but I never will. I’d much rather leave a message with my number than tell a fish story to get an owner on the phone. Why? Simple, I represent a company that takes ethics seriously, we don’t fabricate stories, and neither do I. Those stories give a guy like me a bad reputation, not to mention make my job a whole heck of a lot more difficult.

Of course it would be a whole lot easier if I could just tell that gatekeeper I’m calling to ask if you want to sell your business. After all any gatekeeper worth their salt is going to ask why I’m calling, right? The problem is that would be a breach of confidentiality. You don’t want anyone to know you’re thinking of selling, that could hurt your business. Confidentiality is one of our biggest watch words here at CBI. We and I care about how your business runs. We’re not going to interrupt you while you work, and we’re not going to put your private affairs in the street. We just want to help you get your business sold and secure your financial future. Telemarketing might be a dirty word, but it doesn’t have to be a dirty job.