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Carl Grimes

Sad Demise…sort of!

How do we save Main Street USA businesses?

That’s a question every business owner, Mayor, School Superintendent, County Judge, Governor…ought to be asking every day. 


Because losing Main Street businesses costs everyone but especially those businesses that have a Read more >>

Teaching the Pros

I just returned from the International Business Brokers Association semi-annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.
It’s where the business sales pros go to learn and share best practices. Hundreds of the very best intermediaries from across the USA and foreign nations … Read more >>

Buying a Business Beats Looking for Jobs

The Economy
A job search under any circumstances is no treat – rewriting your resume at least a dozen times, job searching on the Internet day after day, and landing maybe two interviews for every hundred openings you dig up. Read more >>

So That’s How It Works!!

“So, that’s how it works!” When we meet with business owners we often hear that as we walk them through the process of selling a business.

Our professional intermediaries are trained to walk business owners step by step through the Read more >>