A Business Located in Northwest Arkansas was Sold Confidentially Through The CBI+Team.

A sale took place yesterday, but because of confidentiality concerns CBI+Team can’t tell the name of the business or who the buyer is. Suffice it to say it is a business many in Northwest Arkansas would recognize for a variety of reasons. Jon Holbert and Casey Grimes teamed up to list and sell the business in less than 30 days. 30 days, that’s 5 months LESS than the recognized minimum average time to sell a business across the USA!

The Seller told The CBI+Team that his CPA told him his business was worth just the depreciated asset value, basically -0-. It was sold for much, much more than that because the Buyer wisely recognized the strong cash flow and upside of the business.

After the business transferred ownership the former owner told The CBI+Team he was, “tickled plumb to death” with the efficient process CBI+Team uses and that he’ll be referring other business owners to The CBI+Team. The Buyer said he has been actively searching businesses for sale and that he was impressed with how The CBI+Team notifies potential buyers of listings they might be interested in and updates their websites regularly with new businesses.

Learn how CBI can help you, contact the CBI+Team at or 877-582-5200.