2012 Excellence in Business Awards

Pictured left to right: Derek Heil, Gary Patterson, Carl Grimes of The CBI+Team, Steve Clark (executive director of the Fayetteville, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce) and David Proffitt of The CBI+Team

The CBI+Team was a major sponsor of the 2011-2012 Excellence In Business Awards presented by the Fayetteville (Arkansas) Chamber of Commerce.

CBI+Team President Carl Grimes said, “Small business is the backbone of the American economy and we want to actively participate in recognizing significant achievement by the hard working men and women and families who owner and operate businesses in the regions we serve.”

Award winners were:

Best Entrepreneurial Business : Fly-N-Hog Media Group, Inc

Best Green & Sustainable Business : Haas Hall Academy

Best Large Business : Mitchell Communications Group, Inc.

Best Minority/Woman Owned Business : MailCo USA, Inc.

Best Small Business : Joyce Street Storage

Best Start-Up Business : Smith Hurst, PLC

Best Not-for-Profit (2 Winners) : Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA

Washington Regional Hospice